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Proposed new monopole in Salem (634038 bytes)Starting in 2017, HPNW shifted its focus to cemetery preservation. The hands-on work coupled with planning for the future suits our ethos well. We do stone restoration, such as leveling, resetting, cleaning, and repair of grave markers. We also do marker inventory, mapping, and long-term planning for cemeteries.

Below is a sample of our work in 2017-18 for the Brookside Cemetery in Dayton, Oregon. We repaired 19 stones, mapped the cemetery, inventoried all of the markers in the cemetery, and created a 10-year cemetery preservation plan for the city:

Brookside Preservation Plan.pdf  (6.5 mb)
Appendix B Inventory.pdf
  (38.3 mb)
Appendix C Inventory maps.pdf  (18.8 mb)
Appendix D Markers repaired.pdf  (29.0 mb)
Appendix G Marker inventory form.pdf  (0.05 mb)

Click on the above links to begin a download of a PDF-version of the reports.  These files are in an Adobe Acrobat format.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free from Adobe

So far, we have done work for the following cemeteries:

Albany Hebrew Cemetery, Albany, Oregon
Brookside Cemetery, Dayton, Oregon
Mt Union Cemetery, Philomath, Oregon
Eugene Masonic Cemetery, Eugene, Oregon

Modified: 03/05/2019